Psycho-Educational Groups



HR is a five session, small group skills-based behavioral intervention for adults living with HIV disease. It focuses on skills-building, self efficacy and positive expectations about new behaviors, with the goal of reducing risky behaviors.

The intervention utilizes group discussions, role plays, videos and skills-building exercises to assist HIV+ individuals develop skills to cope with HIV-related stressors and risky situations. The sessions also strengthen decision-making skills for self-disclosing HIV-serostatus to sex partners, and help participants develop and maintain safer sex practices.

Each participant is given personalized feedback about their own risk practices, and with the help of the group, develop strategies to maintain satisfying relationships, while protecting both themselves and their partners.

The intervention is delivered by two facilitators, one of whom is a HIV+ peer counselor.

SEEKING SAFETY: Healing The Past

Healing the past is a wellness workshop for those who are suffering from trauma, PTSD, substance abuse and any other co-occurring disorders.  The treatment is based on five central ideas: as a priority of this first-stage treatment; 2. integrated treatment of PTSD and substance abuse; 3. focus on ideals; 4. Four content areas: cognition, behavioral, interpersonal, and case management; and 5. attention to therapist processes.  Although this treatment draws on the traditions of many existing treatments, it was developed to meet needs that had not been addressed so far.

This intervention provides a space where men of color can acquire knowledge, in addition, coping skills. They will        partake of a weekly structure addressing how their traumas are currently manifested in various adult daily activities and conditions.  The group exercises  and assist them to develop goals for reducing their symptoms and the conflicts they experience. 

Before entering the group, each participant is accessed and from this assessment, exercises are drawn that address their individual issues. This process enables facilitators to choose relevant topics from the seeking safety manual for the 13 sessions. 

The group meets every Tuesday evening 6:00pm to 8:00pm at GMAD.  Its’ facilitators have extensive histories of working with communities with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma, substance abuse and other mental health issues. 

The group process allows for participants to consider their individual histories and shared experiences with other group members.  A goal of the group is that over the 13 week cycle, the group members will forge bounds and support each other in utilizing their new skills in managing healthier, more adaptive lifestyles.

Brothas Gonna Work It Out (BGWIO)

Alpha pic.jpgA practice-based multidiscipline behavioral intervention – “Talking About Relationships,  Sex, & Community.”

Brothas Gonna Work It Out is a culturally sensitive, skills-building group-level HIV prevention intervention for Black (i.e., African American/Black American, Caribbean, Caribbean American, Continental African, and Black-identified mixed race) gay men ages 30 and over. With its emphasis on the connections between the sexual and health-maintenance behaviors of Black gay men and the impacts of racism, homophobia, and HIV-related stigma and discrimination on these behaviors, Brothas Gonna Work It Out provides participants with a unique opportunity to discuss how these issues impact their lives as Black gay men, as well as the importance of both knowing and disclosing one’s HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) serostatus in an affirming and supportive environment.  BGWIO is designed to help Black Gay Men develop individual ways to reduce their sexual and drug-using risk.

In partnership with BGWIO staff and the peer support, participants create and monitor their goals for reducing risk behaviors and increasing protective factors.

Structure of “Brothas Gonna Work It Out” (BGWIO)

  • Five Group Sessions
  • Two Individual Health Education/Risk Reduction Sessions
  • Graduation
  • One Follow-up Group Session (3 months)
  • One Individual Follow-up Session (6 months)




The purpose of this eight-session group is to minimize high-risk behavior and build men’s sense of self to have healthier lifestyles by creating an environment where they can discuss their histories and developmental tasks that weren’t met.   The goal is developmental change, better lifestyles, and acquiring the tools to change and maintaining a positive momentum, while continuing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

The session topics are as follows: 1. Understanding your Psychosocial Development; 2. Knowing how your development makes you who you are; 3. Conversations about Responses to Ourselves and Others; 4. Self-Empowerment; 5. Disclosure; 6. How, Why or Why Not Have Sex after HIV; 7. Spirituality; and 8. Death and Dying. 

The Group’s facilitators have extensive histories of working with communities and individuals who struggle with issues of PTSD, Trauma that affects them both from within and without the LGBT community, Substance abuse, mental health and other Syndemic issues. 

The goal of the group is to engage all participants in discussions around developmental tasks by exploring unmet needs and conflicts in their lives, thereby using this process to make conscious behavioral changes that normalize their adult decisions


For further information about any of these groups and the next cycle, please call Elizabeth H. Williams at 718 222-6300, ext. 124.